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Visitors Management

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Advantages of this system it is taken care of

Providing first-class service to every single visitor, be it a customer or a mere contact is vital in today's highly competitive environment. First impressions last.. And therefore the entry point treatment plays a major role in creating a professional image for an organization.

A well-coordinated reception / security area is the ideal way to manage your visitors efficiently and give them the attention they deserve - and the best news is that you don't have to invest in highly skilled man power to achieve the same.

The Visitor Register facility in web based is designed to facilitate the organization in doing away with the manual process of filling up of visitor passes. The passes are instead printed on to a self adhesive paper or sticker, which can be easily displayed on the garment of the visitor. The bonus advantage is the printing of the photograph of the visitor which is captured through a webcam and printed onto the pass. In case you feel that the security areas are usually manned by non-computer / Basic English literates, these apprehensions can now be laid to rest, as web based also provides the facility of Vernacular translation of the fields and can be easily comprehended by even a non English literate.